Best Ways to Motivate and Keep Your Tax Employees

By Tim Frye

There is no doubt that employee retention is paramount in maintaining customer relationships and keeping training costs down.  This is especially true when it comes to training tax preparers because that is a task that seems to continue for perpetuity, due to the circuitous nature of the tax code and it’s intricacies.  The keys to keeping employees satisfied and retaining them at the same time is based on strong leadership and efficient and proficient management practices.  If you can master these aspects of management, the result will be an employee team that is healthy and loyal and you will have a booming business to boot.  Let’s take a look at the best ways to motivate and retain your tax employees.

Is My Tax Software Helping or Hurting My Tax Preparers

When you are running a tax business you are really only as good as your tax software.  If you have an inefficient program that constantly drags and limits your employees potential, it will ultimately hurt your bottom line in the end.  So be sure to find a tax program that suits your level of clientele and at the same time will keep your employees confident and efficient.  Those world class companies like Disney and McDonalds give their employees the best equipment to work with so they are not getting flustered and frustrated throughout the process of assisting the customer. 

Is My Tax Preparer Training Program Any Good?

In a business as uneven and enigmatic as tax preparation, you should have a prolific employee training program set in place or the business will suffer.  Being that the season is as short as four months, and you are not retaining many employees on a year round bases, when you bring them back they are going to be rusty.  And eight months is a long time to go without preparing a tax return.  You cannot just give them a one day training program the day before tax season and think that is going to get them up to speed.  The training program should be at least two weeks, and should be interactive, thorough, and should allow for evaluations of employee positioning in the overall scheme of the business. 

Creating a Family Atmosphere at the Tax Office

A tax office can be a bustling place come tax season, but it can be a very stressful place if employees are not getting along.  And with the intense amount of competition that is natural between tax preparers already, a family atmosphere is vital to keep all in line.  There obviously be a seniority system in which the most tenured and experienced preparers get the first dibs on any incoming clients.  Employees should be presented with upwardly mobile opportunities, all while being nurtured and ensured that if they work hard and are responsible they are going to be treated like family. 

Businesses contain so many compartmentalized parts that must run smoothly for the boss to truly make any money.  And the coach is really only as good as his players.  So find the right employees and retain them, and you will find yourself sitting in the black come end of April.

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