Best Ways to Make a Tax Preparer’s Job Easier

By Tim Frye

For the majority of people tax time is one of the most stressful parts of the year, and that means that the interaction between tax preparers and their clients can get strained.  Taxpayers are both equal parts nervous and anxious to get their return money ASAP.  And last year the tax season beginning date was push backed two weeks which caused even more strife for the people.  The late date without a doubt hindered the IRS’ processing times and issuance of refund cash. 

Choosing a Tax Preparer

There were many folks in 2014 who had to wait until March for the IRS to finish updating nearly thirty additional forms to its computer system. With this added delay  to the already pressing tax season, many taxpayers were directing their anger towards their tax pro.   And every day more people choose a tax preparer over personally preparing their own taxes. 

If you as a customer did your due diligence and found a great tax pro, you have to in turn trust him to do his job.  And be sure to take responsibility in reporting an accurate tax return by providing concise information to your preparer. has four suggestions on how a person can help their tax preparer to do the best job possible. 

Maintain Your Professionality

Many people hire their friends to prepare their taxes, and this can get tedious to say the least.  I you hire a friend to prepare your taxes, be sure to recall that this is not personal but a business arrangement.  You shouldn’t expect any red carpet treatment, and don’t call your friend/tax pro every day to inquire on your tax refund just cause two are tight.  Calling your tax preparer when he is off work and at home with his family is wrong in any situation. 

Being Honest On Your Tax Return

You will only get into more of an abysmal tax situation by inflating deductions or lying to your tax preparer.  It will only come back to bite you months later, and the money you will owe back will be compounding interest.  So keep your integrity when you sit down with your tax pro.  In the end, no matter what happens, you are going to be the only one held responsible because it’s your signature next to the X on that tax return.  Remember that your tax pro has his repuation on the line as well, and if you decieve your preparer then you are going to damage his chances of practicing tax preparation in the future. 

Be Prepared and Thorough When Sitting with Your Tax Preparer

There is no doubt that taxes are one of the most complicated aspects of our society.  Our renown sage Albert Einstein even elaborated on that point.  After all, that is why you came to Pronto Income Tax and hired a tax pro.  The data you provide should be complete and accurate, because if you go into the office out of whack you are going to affect both yours and your tax preparers bottom line.  So be thorough and accurate, and if your preparer asks you for any additional info be sure to get it to him quickly.

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