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Author: Colleen Nelson

Act Now: Covid SBA EIDL Loans and Grant Programs End Dec. 31st!

We have a few more days left in 2021, which means you should take a look at the SBA Covid loan and grant programs while you have a chance. Many small businesses have already taken advantage of the SBA pandemic loan opportunities, but it is worth a double check to see if any programs have […]

My Review of Robert Flach’s New Book “So You Want to Be a Tax Preparer”

To achieve true mastery as a professional tax preparer is a journey of many years. Robert Flach, a veteran tax professional who runs one of the best tax blogs online, recently released a brief but compelling book called “So You Want to Be a Tax Preparer: Advice from a Veteran Tax Pro.”

Can CTEC Tax Preparers Do Tax Problem Resolution Work?

The tax problem resolution market is BOOMING. As more and more taxpayers have gone from W-2 to 1099, more and more taxpayers have fallen behind on their taxes. Statistics show that approximately 14 million taxpayers are in collections with IRS as we speak–those folks could really use some professional help right about now.