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Author: Cynthia Fuentes

How Does CECL Affect Taxes?

Members of the banking industry know all about the Financial Accounting Standard’s Board’s (FASB) recent issuance of the current expected credit loss (CECL) standards. What is not as well known is how the new CECL standards impact taxes. What Is CECL? CECL standards mandate the use of historical, current and anticipated information to forecast expected […]

5 Things You Need to Know to Make Money as a Tax Preparer

Making money as a tax preparer is definitely doable.  You’ll make more money as a tax preparer if you do certain things, in certain ways.  Here are five factors to consider when seeking to maximize your earnings as a tax professional. How to Invest in Tools There are dozens of great tools that do most […]

Insurance Benefit Taxation: What You Need to Know

If a taxpayer receives disability payments, are those payments taxable? Your client’s disability insurance benefits can be taxed in certain circumstances. Learn when and how certain insurance benefits can be taxed so that you can set your client’s budget accordingly and not be surprised by any extra taxes during tax season. When is disability insurance […]

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