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Advanced Tax Training

What is “advanced tax training”?

Because “advanced tax training” can mean different things to different people, right?

At Pronto Tax School, we consider advanced tax training to mean training that advances your tax career.

Sometimes you’re just trying to knock out your continuing education.  And sometimes you’re at a level of your tax career where you don’t really want or need to advance–you’re happy where you are now.  And that’s OK!

But for those independent tax professionals who do want to advance, where can we turn for the training we need?

Breaking Through Tax Career Ceilings

Pronto Tax School Founder & CEO Andy Frye ran into this dilemma in his own career, where he reached a “certain level” and it become very difficult to find training and support solutions that helped him truly advance as a tax professional and tax business owner.  Encountering this problem himself, Andy set out on a journey of building the Pronto Tax School platform in a way that any independent tax professional can advance as far as you want to go!

Return On Investment (ROI) Programs

Within our internal product development team, we refer to to these advanced tax training products as “ROI Training Programs” because we constantly “test” our advanced tax training programs to make sure they deliver demonstrable “return on investment” for our Members.  Typically we achieve ROI on these programs by:

  1. Helping Members avoid costly problems that arise from not knowing how to do advanced tax work,
  2. Helping Members take advantage of earning opportunities related to performing advanced tax work, such as mastering a highly profitable niche client group, or
  3. Both #1 and #2 at the same time, two birds with one stone type of deal (always the preferred option at Pronto Tax School).

Best ROI Advanced Tax Training Programs to Consider

The ROI Advanced Tax Training Programs that have been most popular include:

Acquire High-Value Clients

Our ROI Advanced Tax Training Programs include tools and resources that help you acquire high-value clients and deliver an excellent service to them so that they refer other high-value clients to you.  For example, our Business Tax Verified Training Program includes “plug and play” email sequences, small business owner presentation materials, and other “done for you” marketing resources you can put to work to acquire business clients.

Same idea with our Crypto Tax Verified Training Program. We don’t just teach you how to work, we give you ready-made marketing materials and techniques you can use to acquire real clients in this new niche.

Dramatically Increase Your Earnings, Rather Than Check a Box

If you’re used to buying a $50 CE course as your only tax training each year, we realize and respect that these advanced tax training programs involve a different level of investment.  Advanced tax training is not the right fit for everyone.  These programs are designed to dramatically increase your earnings and that is the game we play with these programs.  Our Members who invest in these programs and put their knowledge to work often see returns far in excess of their investment, and we are only satisfied when we meet that ROI-based goal with you and for you.

We recommend that you only invest in advanced tax training if you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to excel beyond your competition because that’s what we will help you do.

Schedule a Personal, Free Tax Career Consultation

If you’re contemplating advanced tax training, you might want to talk to someone ahead of time to ask questions or get a second opinion on what are the next best steps to advance your your tax career (because everyone is different).  You’re welcome to click here to schedule a free, private consultation with our Pronto Tax School Director of Member Success, Glen Wielandt.  Glen is a 39-year veteran of the tax business and he often helps more advanced tax pros to build customized packages and plans tailored for your specific situation.

You can also click here to send an email to our customer support team or reach us by phone 310-422-1283 (text message is OK too on this number).

Thanks for visiting this page and feel free to view our main online tax school page to see all the different options we offer to help you keep advancing your tax career in this New Era of Tax.

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