Pronto Tax School


Our Story

Pronto Tax School, Inc. was born out of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a family-owned and operated, multi-location tax preparation business based out of Southern California, which has been in the tax business since 1965.

original building

In the process of growing our own tax business, we noticed that providing our team members with extensive training was the key factor driving our growth.

We figured that there must be many other independent tax professionals who feel just like we were feeling: if we could only get the training we need, we can compete with anyone, we can make this business truly great!

There seemed to be a shortage, however, of tax education that was relevant to our daily lives as tax professionals, that was convenient to our schedules (and easy on our pocketbooks!), and that was not really, really boring.

Roundabout 2010, we figured that if we couldn’t find relevant, convenient, and non-boring tax education, we might as well do it ourselves.

Therefore, we took the steps of becoming an approved education provider with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and releasing our first two products, the “become a tax preparer” course located at and then the “annual update & refresher” course at


We were fortunate to find a wonderful customer base for our products and now we find ourselves serving thousands of tax professionals all across the nation.  Thank you to all our Pronto Tax School Members.  It is a privilege to take care of your tax education needs.

Our Culture

We have chosen to focus our company culture on three core values:

1) Love the Customer: Independent tax professionals often feel alone and besieged. We pride ourselves on caring about your success. Walking with you as a friend and supporter.

2) Always Keep Getting Better: We are not perfect and we never will be. But we are committed to continuous improvement. Every day we strive to get a little bit better for our customers.

3) Have Fun: If you’ve taken any courses with us before, you know we insist on entertaining ourselves. Laughter is the best medicine. It sounds crazy but we actually think it’s possible to have fun while learning about taxes.


Our goal is to not just talk about these values but to live them out every day for the benefit of the customers who rely on us.

Our Team

We have been incredibly blessed to assemble an awesome group of talented, results-oriented people. Some of our team is based out of our Los Angeles office while others work out of our new East Coast office, in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We are united in our desire to provide our customers with the best products for your needs.

Andy Frye

Andy Frye

Founder & CEO

“The Tax Teacher” is a third-generation tax business entrepreneur who writes the courses and makes the instructional videos.

Jeff Dolan, VP at Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Jeff Dolan

Vice President

“The Dolanator” is our VP over Marketing and Biz Dev who makes sure the business is growing.


Colleen Rice Nelson, a.k.a. “The Ultimate Answer,” website developer and problem-solver extraordinaire.

Imelda Ledesma

Imelda Ledesma, a.k.a. “Latina McGyver,” supervises the reporting of hours to CTEC and IRS as well as helping with various operational matters.

Karen Gonzalez

Karen Gonzalez, a.k.a…well actually Karen doesn’t have a nickname (that we know of). She’s our graphic designer and she also translates the courses to Spanish.


Ingrid Ceballos, our dedicated customer service representative, loves to help people and extremely reliable.

Yuliana Hernandez

Yuliana Hernandez, our dedicated customer service representative, always going above and beyond to make sure our customers get taken care of.

Denny Hoyer, Smooth Operations Facilitator, helps the trains to run on time and keeps Andy out of trouble (most of the time).

James Totty, Strategic Advisor with 50+ years of management consulting wisdom.

Now we just have to figure out the rest of these nicknames…