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The Company Behind Pronto Tax Class

As you consider your purchase of Pronto Tax Class, we would like to tell you a little bit more about our company and the way that we do business, so that you can make an informed decision about which tax education provider is best for you.

Pronto Income Tax started way back in 1965, when an attorney/businessman named Wayne Freiburghouse noticed a need for reliable, affordable, and convenient tax preparation.

Wayne also noticed that tax clients had trouble pronouncing his last name, so he adopted the business name “Frye” and began placing tax offices around Los Angeles County.

Many of our early tax preparation offices were literally “roadside trailers”–now THAT is what we call keeping it real!

Somehow, some way, the “little business that could” just kept on keeping on…

Today, Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. maintains five office locations in the Los Angeles area: Monrovia, East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Carson, and our brand new Van Nuys location. You can visit our official company website if you would like to find one of our offices and come say hello.

“Hablamos Income Tax”

Another interesting aspect of our company that makes us unique is our tradition of service within the Latino community of Los Angeles.

Way before it was “the thing to do,” Pronto Income Tax enthusiastically embraced the Latino community by offering services in both English and Spanish in all locations and going under the name “Pronto,” which means “fast” or “right now” in Spanish.

This is not to say that our company focuses exclusively on serving the Latino market, rather we serve ALL people from all walks of life and all nationalities. Nevertheless, we do feel that our connection with the Latino community is a major selling point if you are thinking about working within this vibrant community (and you should be thinking about working in this market, because it is the best market for tax preparation services by far).

If you are looking to do taxes for Latinos here in California, please consider learning tax preparation from a company that has worked in this community and earned its trust for the past 48+ years.

A Third-Generation Family Business

Another thing to know about us is that we have been a family owned and operated business since day one.

In 1972, leadership of Pronto was taken over by Wayne’s sons Kent and Mark, who continued the Pronto traditions of fast, personal and friendly service to the local community.

This second generation of Pronto Income Tax built on the original mission of providing persistently low prices with top notch tax preparation services relative to their competition. The current partners at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. are Wayne’s eldest son, Kent, and Kent’s sons Andy and brother Tim and Luke.

Being a family business influences everything we do and calls us to think of our clients in a much more personal and meaningful way than many other companies; we are confident that you will enjoy the “personal touch” of our tax courses which are not “cookie cutter” and outright boring like so many other tax education products.

When you do business with us, you can rest assured that we are taking pride in our work because this is our third generation family business and in a world where things constantly change that kind of longevity actually means something.

Indeed, three generations of SERVICE is a big part of our unique value and company culture.

We Are a Team

Pronto Income Tax would be NOWHERE without the contributions of our excellent staff. In fact, many of our staff have chosen to work with our company for ten years or more. You can meet our staff by visiting our company website’s Meet Our Staff page.

It’s important for you to meet our team because it shows you that we are actively creating opportunities and jobs for people from all walks of life.

In 2013, we were able to hire numeous new employees of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. directly from among our Pronto Tax Class students. Furthermore, our best Pronto Tax Class students will be the first people we approach as we expand and open new tax offices through our business franchise opportunities.

Our goal with Pronto Tax Class is to give you a learning opportunity that truly adds to your earning power and each year as we make more and more improvements to our program the opportunities for our students will continue to multiply.

We are proud to say that as of today our humble tax course has helped no less than 10 people start their own tax preparation businesses completely from scratch–and we are just getting started!

Unlike Many Other Purveyors of Tax Courses, We Actually Do Taxes

Pronto Tax Class is not some an online testing center created in someone’s basement or college dorm room.

We are a well-established company that is based in Los Angeles with a real staff and real offices with real clients who know the real business of tax preparation.

Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. is a company you can trust that has real experience doing real tax returns, not just operating in “theory world” and trying to teach things that we don’t practice every single day in our business.

But enough about us!

How about YOU?

Are you ready to get your start in the tax preparation business?

If you have any questions about our company or the online tax courses we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

Please click the button below for your primary tax credential.

Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.