Pronto Tax School

Month: July 2018

A Strategic Desire to Help with David Reeser

Executive sales trainer David Reeser visits the show to take the fear out of selling. He shares his thoughts on the mindset required to have helpful sales conversations without fear. We discuss his Victory Mindset concepts and get to role-play a sales conversation that follows a 4-Step process anyone can follow in their business.

5 Things You Need to Know to Make Money as a Tax Preparer

Making money as a tax preparer is definitely doable. You’ll make more money as a tax preparer if you do certain things, in certain ways. Here are five factors to consider when seeking to maximize your earnings as a tax professional.

5 Strategies for Helping Lower Income Families Escape Debt

Helping lower income clients escape debt and achieve financial security is obviously a big challenge, but it’s something that we should be working towards for our clients who need help most, here are five strategies that can help.