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Month: November 2012

Download Page | How to Get an EFIN from the IRS | Free EBook

How to Get an EFIN from the IRS Free EBook Download If you are planning to work as a self-employed tax preparer, you must apply for an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), which will allow you to e-file tax returns directly to the IRS. The IRS has made recent changes to the EFIN application system and many new […]

Should You Report CTEC Illegal Tax Preparers?

Should You Report Non-CTEC-Registered Tax Preparers?

Most likely if you are visiting a website called, you take your education and registration requirements seriously. Thousands of us every year pay for our 20 hour CTEC course, pay CTEC their registration fee, and then pay the IRS to renew our PTINs. In other words, thousands of us do everything that is required of us in order to do taxes for pay in the State of California.

But you know what? Many other “tax preparers” skip the mandatory education, skip the fees, and still do taxes for money.

What should the rest of us do about these interlopers? Would you report a tax preparer who was doing taxes for fees without valid CTEC registration? Or would you look the other way and “mind your own business”?

The 3 Must Dos for Nationwide Franchise Expansion

The 3 Must Dos for Nationwide Franchise Expansion

By Tim Frye

Expanding your franchise can be an exciting, trying, and daunting process undeniably. There is a certain methodology of franchise expansion that is obviously more effective than others. This article will discuss the top three ways to expand a franchise nationwide correctly and effectively.