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Month: December 2011


NOTICAS POR ESTE 24 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2012: Nuestro Curso de actualizacion de 2012 income tax de 20 Horas por CTEC preparadores de income tax en California va a ESTAR MUY PRONTO available he aquí ESTAMOS En Este Momento traducciendo! Email registrador pára recibir Una noticia when este listo El Nuevo Curso de impuesto sobre […]

Tax Preparation as a Family Business

Families Helping Families Do Taxes

One thing you don’t want to underestimate if you are going to become a tax preparer is that families–and the concept of family itself–are an integral part of the tax preparation business. Think about it: you, as a tax peparer, are seeking to support your family by helping other families comply with their tax reporting obligations to best advantage. In addition, the relationships that you develop with your clients can be tremendous and in some cases resemble the affection and respect that beloved family members share.

What’s more, the tax preparation business makes a great family business in terms of a family getting together, everyone pitching in, and creating a business helping other families do taxes. We have seen much of this family dynamic at our 20 hour CTEC tax update course at and also here at Many people take our courses “in tandem” with a family member, a spouse, or a very close friend. This gets us to thinking:

Why is the tax preparation business a business that inspires family members to work together?

Brotherhood at Sunset

It Is NOT Too Late to Become a Tax Preparer

It Is NOT Too Late to Become a Tax Preparer

Christmas is almost here and that means tax season is almost here. And that means that if you are looking to become a professional tax preparer and be able to do taxes for pay in 2012, you better get on the train! The good news though is that it is NOT too late to become a professional tax preparer and work doing taxes in 2012.

In fact, thanks to All Online Pronto Tax Class, you can become a professional tax preparer in 60 hours or less. We have had students who have completed our course in as little as three days. Keep reading to learn more about why, with Pronto Tax Class, it’s not even close to too late to become a tax preparer for this upcoming tax season.

Not Too Late to Become a Tax Preparer

In-Person Tax Preperer Training | Pronto Tax Class Monrovia and Carson | December 2011 Classes

Learn the Pronto Income Tax 5-Step System to Prepare ANY Tax Return Effectively and Efficiently—Live and In-Person! In-Person Class Dates: December 16th (6-10pm) and December 17 (2-6pm) – Monrovia office – $99 December 22 (6-10pm) and December 23 (6-10pm) – Carson office – $99 December 29 (6-10pm) and December 30 (6-10pm) – Monrovia office – […]