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Month: October 2011

Why to Wait a Second Before Registering with CTEC

New Tax Preparers May Want to Wait Until November 1 to Register with CTEC

New tax preparers may want to wait until November 1 to register with CTEC, to avoid having to take a continuing education course in addition to your “qualifying education” course of Pronto Tax Class. To read more about when to register with CTEC and why to wait until November 1, click the “read more” link below.


Pronto Tax Class Is Good for Young People, Students, Recent College Graduates

Are You a Young Adult Looking to Learn More and Earn More?     Unemployment among people age 18-30 is at epidemic levels. And even for those young people with a paying job, the pay probably isn’t all that great and opportunity for advancement may be scarce. This situation is leading smart young adults to ask […]

Pronto Tax Class and Value for the Price

Pronto Tax Class and Value for the Price

We had a student call in on our Pronto Tax Class Sales Hotline today (310) 422 – 0795 and she pointed out that our online tax course is way cheaper than the competition and we should raise the price.  This may be true that our online tax course is far too inexpensive relative to the quality of the materials and the quality of our competitors’ materials, but you know what?  We like people to get a bargain, more than what they’re paying for.

Pronto Tax Class Price and Value