20 Hour CTEC Tax Preparer Live Classes in Bellflower, CA


By Andy Frye

Many CTEC tax preparers prefer the convenience of an online 20 hour CTEC course but some people prefer a live class for their 20 hour CTEC course. 

Or, some of you overachievers out there might like to do both a 20 hour online CTEC course and some live tax training. 

Well if getting some live tax training is something that’s on your mind, then we have good news for you today: we have recently sealed a deal with Apex Tax Services to license our Pronto Tax School 20 hour CTEC course materials and provide live training for CTEC tax preparers in the Los Angeles area.  Keep reading to find out the details…

Meet the Teachers

We have had numerous people approach us over the years about teaching our materials in a live class format.  Hugo C. Gonzalez of Apex Tax Services is the one that we have chosen to place our trust in as our first official licensee for our materials.  We have chosen Hugo to teach our materials because of his experience, vision, integrity, and generosity to share his knowledge with his fellow tax professionals–plus, and most importantly, he has promised to make his 20 hour live classes NOT BORING!  🙂

Hugo Gonzalez is seasoned tax preparer of 8 years, having been a tax school instructor for 5 of those years.  Hugo has taught both 20-hour and 60-hour courses and had the highest percentage of students completing his courses for two tax seasons as a Liberty Tax® instructor.  Hugo’s instruction style is energetic, knowledgeable, fun, honest, and will keep everyone learning at a quick pace, but taking the time to answer every question asked. 

Hugo’s favorite tow tax quotes are, “I might not know the answer now, but we can learn it together,” and, “There is no way to outrun the tax man.”

Hugo will receive backing from his right hand man Juan M. Canizales, an up-and-comer in the Apex Tax Scene with a background in insurance, sales, and international business.

Prices and Schedule of CTEC Tax Preparer Live Class Training in Los Angeles Area

Hugo and his team at Apex have priced these courses extremely affordably.  Don’t quote me on this because the price may go up later but as of now he is doing 2 week LIVE training for only $85 with a $25 registration fee.  You’ll also be able to add a spiral-bound hard copy course manual from Pronto Tax School for only $65.

For information about the schedule, please contact:

Hugo C Gonzalez
Manager, Apex Tax Prep Services
Address of the office is:

9100 Alondra Blvd
Bellflower, California, CA 90706

I believe the classes start around 430pm on the weekdays but, again, please contact Mr. Gonzalez directly to doublecheck that with him since I am not known for my scheduling abilities.  🙂

Become a Pronto Tax School Instructor

As you know if you’ve been following along with our adventures, we have been running hard here at Pronto Tax School with our product development, we have barely had time to breathe.

And, after years of grinding underground, we now have a complete lineup of tax courses that touch on all the most important topics tax preparers face during our careers:

Basic Income Tax Course, to get you started

Update & Refresher Course, to keep you going

Sales Training for Tax Professionals, to keep you growing

Business Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Adam Shay, when you’re ready to take your career to the next level and make some real money

And there’s more, at our new “hub” website ProntoTaxSchool.com

Our goal is to build out an A-to-Z platform that gives ANY tax professional to compete and succeed ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

In order to realize that dream, we are going to keep finding ways for what we do to create opportunities for YOU, and teaming up with Apex for these live classes is an effort in that direction.

If you have an interest in teaching Pronto Tax School materials live in your office, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at (310) 422 – 1283.

We also are looking for course co-creators (to develop new course I mean, with you as the author), so if you have a specialty area and the desire to teach and empower your fellow tax professionals, please reach out and tell us a little bit more about what you want to teach.

Meantime, please feel free to check out Hugo’s live classes, and here again is that contact information:

Hugo C GonzalezManager
Apex Tax Prep Services
9100 Alondra Blvd
Bellflower, California, CA 90706